Flagstaff, AZ: 4/15 – 4/17/20

We needed to leave Mesa to escape the hot weather that was soon to arrive. I can’t do extreme heat, even if it is dry heat. State restrictions were still in place, however we were able to head north into Flagstaff. As we got close to Flagstaff, we could see Arizona’s highest point in the distance. The peak on the left is Mount Humphreys. Scott hiked there in April of 2019 while I was visiting family in New Jersey.

We boon docked for two nights on Forest Road 518, just west of Flagstaff off Hwy 40. Social distancing was back in full effect.

In the morning we took a five-mile hike on Elden Lookout Trail. There were remnants of snow here and there along the trail.

It was extremely windy at the peak but the view was worth the hike (as it most often is).

When we reached the summit, the tower gate was locked so this would be it for the view. We weren’t going to get any higher today.

Steps to Lookout Closed Off

Tomorrow, we head to Durango, Colorado.

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  • Always so nice to read your blogs and accompany you on your amazing hikes. Missing and loving you.

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