Buena Vista, CO, Boon Docking: 6/4 – 6/11/20

We drove to Collegiate Peaks Campground in Buena Vista with the hope of getting a site for a few nights. There were a few spots open for just Thursday night, but they were completely booked for the weekend. (I guess that the masses are beginning to tire of social distancing.) A few miles down the road, across from Avalanche Trailhead parking lot, we found a BLM spot near the stream. It was a bit tricky backing into the narrow, uneven spot, but Scott made it happen. Unfortunately, we took up three campsites. There were still more sites open for more boon dockers.

The next morning, we drove to Cottonwood Pass and took a short walk up the Continental Divide Trail. There were still remnants of the white stuff on parts of the trail. As we got higher in elevation, the snow was much deeper in spots.

The view opposite of us at the start of the trail.
Here we go.
The brown, dirt trail suddenly changed to this.

It wasn’t long before I refused to go any further up. We were just out to take a “walk” which was turning into a “get your feet are wet” hike. I encouraged Scott to climb alone up to the high point. Then I filmed him.

This was before he went further up to the high point and out of my sight

On the way back down, we encountered some deeper snow. I like when I am following Scott and am able to take a candid shot.

At least I could follow in his footsteps, even though it was slow going for both of us.

Two days later, we took another ”snowy” hike to Ptarmigan Lake. During the summer months, snow covered trails are to be expected in Colorado at higher elevations.

This is a relatively easy six-mile hike to the lake. It was a perfect hiking day with temperatures in the 50’s and mostly sunny. As we gained elevation and got closer to Ptarmigan Lake, it became windy and there was snow covering parts of the trail. It also became a bit colder.

We finally arrived at the mostly frozen lake.

We stopped to rest and eat some lunch, but it wasn’t long before we had to move again to get warm.

I had had a headache for two days and was feeling under the weather. I believe that it was a case of mountain sickness. The fresh air has a way of making you feel better, but I was a bit cranky in the beginning. That evening we had some visitors! My nephew was driving cross country from San Diego to New Jersey. As he travelled through Colorado, he visited a friend in Salida, which was only about 30 minutes from Buena Vista. The next day, we met Pat and his dog, Harley, for lunch. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was for me to see family again.

Later that day, Scott and I hiked up the Colorado Trail from the Avalanche Trailhead, which was located across the street from our campsite. We couldn’t leave the area without at least walking on part of it.

It got very cold that evening. This is what we woke up to the next morning.

The snow was gone by mid-morning. After five nights of boon docking, our next stop was the Buena Vista, KOA to take care of business.

Scott was up early to capture some sunrise pictures.

Our trailer is dead center.
Mount Princeton is dead center.

Time to head northeast to Sterling, Colorado.

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  • More adventure with Scott and Sue. How nice that you got to see some family….by the way, Harley looks like a real gentleman, and we would love for him to come visit us. Love you

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