Golden, Colorado: 6/11 – 6/14/20

We had just left Buena Vista and were going over Kenosa Pass when a warning light came on in the truck. The coolant level was low, and Scott knew that we would not be able to drive straight to Sterling without checking it out. So, we quickly googled the closest campground in the area. We were lucky to find a place in Golden.

Dakota Ridge RV Park is located in a small suburb, Golden, just outside of Denver. It is a popular spot for travelers that want to be near the city and the mountains. They have a number of amenities including a beautiful pool. Unfortunately, the pool was closed due to Covid19. Scott reserved it for three nights since we didn’t know how long it would take to get the truck serviced. We were still waiting for a phone call back from the Chevy Dealer.

This RV Park is also located directly opposite from a biker’s hangout, Dirty Dog Roadhouse. The next day, Scott drove the truck to the Chevy Dealer roughly eight miles away. Unfortunately, he was unable to get a ride home from Uber or a cab. Nobody was answering the phone. It took him about two hours to walk back. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I decided to walk across the street to the bar/restaurant to pick up some take out dinner. I will say that some people (like me) were wearing masks inside the restaurant, but it was a completely different scene outside. I had never seen so many motorcycles in one place at one time.

You can see our trailer across the street.

Our trailer is to the right of the yellow building behind the fence.

When Scott returned, we ate our dinner while listening to live music.

The bar/restaurant is open seven days a week until 2 a.m. During the summer, there is live music on the stage seven days a week. I find it hard to believe that a popular “family” RV Park would be located next to this type of place. I asked the manager before we left who was there first. The woman emphatically said that the RV Park was there first.

We only stopped there because of truck issues and most likely will never go back. Once was enough.

The truck was ready the following day. It was loosing coolant and it needed to have a few hoses replaced. Simultaneously, the water pump on the trailer broke on the same day. Fortunately, Scott picked up a new pump for $125 at a RV store. He was able to do the replacement himself, which saved a nice penny. Everything had to be removed from the storage area, so that he could play with all the hoses.

If you are planning to purchase an RV in your future, I highly suggest that you only do so if you have a mechanical mind or a lot of money. Things do and will go wrong. Trust me.

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  • Soooo….you didn’t get a chance to go the the “Coors Brewery” and have a taste of beer before it is ready to ship? It tastes great….much better than when it is bottled or canned. Love you

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