Summit County, CO: 6/22 – 7/2/20

We were here back in the winter of 2018 for six weeks. We stayed at Tiger Run, the only year-round RV Resort in the area. The purpose for our visit this time was to speak directly with the office manager to insure that we would be able to reserve a site for ten weeks this coming winter ski season.

Breckenridge takes on an entirely different look during the summer than in the winter. They had record snowfall back in the winter of 2018-2019, and there was white stuff everywhere.

February 2019
June 2020 – New Season, New Rig
Double Rainbow

Behind Tiger Resort is a section of the CDT and the Colorado Trail. This trail is for both bicycles and foot traffic, and dogs are also allowed.

We reached a point where you can get a clear view of Breckenridge Ski Mountain on the left.

Once we were nestled up high into the mountains, we saw a moose grazing in the fields.

She even blocked our path on our way back. We had to hang out for about five minutes with two bicyclists until she moved off the trail. Don’t mess with moose!

We left Tiger Run Resort at $110.00/night (full hook up but with no resort amenities due to Covid19) and we were able to get a site for two nights at Prospector Campground in Dillon for $24.00 (dry camping, beautiful, semi-private location).

This campground is located on Dillon Reservoir. There are a few other campgrounds on the lake.

“Dillon Reservoir, sometimes referred to as Lake Dillon, is a large fresh water reservoir located in Summit County, Colorado, south of I-70 and bordered by the towns of Frisco, Silverthorne, and Dillon. It is a reservoir for the city of Denver, and its waters are under the control of Denver Water.”

Swimming is not allowed, however motorized and non-motorized boating is permitted. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get our toys out on the water this trip. We did, however, get in a few hikes. Sniktau Mountain was only 3.66 miles, but the elevation gain was 1,276 feet. It took us 3:27 hours as I needed to make many stops as we headed up. We began at over 12,000 feet and my Asthma lungs were challenged.

Popular trail as many lost items were on display.
Far left is A-Basin – middle is Keystone – Zoom in to white caps in background to see Breckenridge

I took a video about a third of the way up. At the very end, Scott is sitting on the trail above me.

This is just after the first of three “false” summits. The wind picked up and it got pretty chilly.
Pointing at the marker on the summit.
The tunnel on I-70 heading to Breckenridge.

After a tough hike, we stopped at the base lodge at A-Basin for a cold drink.

A few days later, we returned to Gold Hill Trail No 79 Colorado Trail. This trailhead is a few miles up the road from Tiger Run RV Resort.

We snowshoed here during the winter of 2018/2019. It looked completely different.

There had been fire damage to parts of this area back in 2000 that we were not able to see with the winter snow cover.

You can see runs at Breckenridge in the far distance.
Bushwhacking our way back to the trail.
View of Dillion Lake

It was time to begin the job of packing for what was to be a two-week visit back in New Jersey. Due to Covid19, I was no longer comfortable with flying home. So, my wonderful husband said he would drive me back.

We found a storage facility in Bayfield, Colorado. Goodbye Columbus! Crossing our fingers that you will look the same when we return.

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  • Envious! Transatlantic flight is still looking a long way off for us so we cannot book Tiger Run at the moment – first time in 5 years! Would love to meet up with you and all our pals there this coming winter. Fingers crossed it all comes good, otherwise we shall be skiing vicariously through you!

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