Selway River Corridor, ID: 9/9 – 9/14/20

We left Glacier NP and headed back south on Hwy 93 towards Missoula again.  After dry camping, we needed to refresh the tanks and get some laundry done.  Jim and Mary’s RV Park was full, so we spent the night at Jellystone Campground located just across the street.  Jellystone is a chain that caters to families with kids, and was not aesthetically beautiful like Jim and Mary’s.  If you have the time, click the link to Jim and Mary’s RV Park. The flower arrangements are beautiful. I’ve never seen a RV Park look so pretty. It is one of a kind.

We stayed here for one night on our way to Big Sky. This is not our rig. It was one of my favorite statues.

The next morning, we packed up and continued on Hwy 93 to Hwy 12 south and then west into Idaho. I almost didn’t notice the time zone sign. Cell phones will automatically reset, but battery operated and car clocks do not. It tends to get confusing, especially when traveling in and out of some of the western sates.

We were meeting Scott’s sister and her husband at O’Hara Campground in Nez Perce National Forest located in the Selway River Corridor.  

National Forest Land campgrounds typically charge from $5 – $20 per night.  While there are no hookups, this location had fresh water.  Of the 12 Federal Campgrounds located along the Selway River and Route 12, O’Hara is the only campground with fresh drinking water. There are 32 campsites.  Some sites can be reserved online and some are FF (first come, first serve).   Our site, #3, was reserved in advance, but is wasn’t along the river.  The riverfront sites had man-made swimming holes made of larger rocks.  There are also several “sand bars” of undeveloped beaches.  I was amazed at how white the sand was in some areas.  

Shelley and Jack arrived late Thursday night.  On Friday, we took a ride up route 12 along the Selway River to Selway Falls.  This point down to Lowell provides a 29-mile float trip.  Permits for floating, canoeing or kayaking are not required below Selway Falls, but are required for above it.  Although day temperatures were in the 70’s, we didn’t actually take the toys on the water.  We talked about it…but it never materialized.  The water was a tad chilly.  This seems to be a pattern with northwestern waters.

On Saturday morning, Scott and I were a part of a “virtual” ride to support finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.  Due to Covid, the annual New England ride in Maine took place in multiple locations.  We were happy to represent Idaho. This was our first ride with team, Do Good Marketing.  If virtual rides are a part of the future, we hope to be able to join in again.  

Getting ready to go.

After our ride, Jack drove us in his FJ to Lookout Butte Fire Tower. 

The tower can be rented for $40/night for campers who like high places in the wilderness.  That means you get to camp on the ground surrounding the tower, or you can walk up the five flights to the top. Would you consider sleeping in here overnight??

From atop this wooden, glass walls tower, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of four states – Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana at an elevation of 5,869 feet. Unfortunately, the view was impeded with haze from the surrounding forest fires.

We really enjoyed each others’ company and just hanging around the fire sharing stories from the early days.  Tess, their English Setter, entertained us with her playful disposition scouting out the squirrels and even a skunk one night!

Last year, Tess’ nine pups entertained us!

We left the next morning and headed west towards Boise to visit more family. We got stuck in traffic due to a rock slide. I got out of the truck to get a closer look at what was going on. What a mess.

We arrived in Boise and enjoyed fun times with Scott’s family.

Scott giving some love to Scout.
I think Scott wants a dog. He does love labs.
Russ, Liz, Jake, Scott and me

Jake was about to perform a piece on the piano for us. He is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! What a gift he gave us!

Enjoying a special gift from Liz…Thank you! I forgot how much I enjoy getting a pedicure!

Next stop, Nevada! We were going to continue northwest into the Northern Cascades; however, the raging fires in California were still polluting the surrounding states. Instead, we decided to head south to enjoy a bit more of summer weather.

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  • It makes my heart happy to see you unite with family. Yes, you guys do need a dog. We have friends who also live in their motor home, who have two adorable dachshunds named Kirby and Hoover that travel with them.
    I’m sure lovin’ your facial hair….so handsome!! Thanks again for taking us along with you.

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