Breckenridge, CO: February, 2021

I wish that I could say that the snow finally came this month. It did – but not here. The East Coast got hammered with multiple snowstorms, and the state of Texas experienced record low temperatures including snow that should have fell up north! Of course, we had to make the best of it since we are here until mid-March. Over 28 days, we skied 12 times and hiked 7 times (5 with snowshoes). Most mornings came with single-digit-temperatures, and the afternoons were windy and cold in the mid-20’s. On the last day of the month we awoke to -5 degrees. Brrrrr. In terms of snowfall, it has been sparse for this time of year. On February 4th, we got 13 inches of fresh powder but it was so COLD! We finally had great skiing conditions coupled with blasting wind. Over night on February 12th, another 10 inches fell. This was probably the BEST snow day since we arrived on January 1st. From February 12th on, new snow was minimal. We would wake up to a dusting or 1-3 inches. The mountains need several feet of snow to cover up the brown spots and fill in the top bowls. The Imperial Chair Lift, which takes you to the Summit, did not open up until February 18 for the first time! Only 2 of the 10 trails were open. Three days later, it closed again. We seriously need to do a snow dance. Here are some highlights from the month.

February 1st – Vail Mountain
February 2nd – Crystal Lake Trail – 3.0 miles with 1,000’ elevation gain
Crystal Lake Trail
Lunch break. Without our snow shoes, we had to abort the hike to the lake.
February 3rd – Snow began in the afternoon. The forecast called for 5 – 8 inches. We got 13!!
Our go to hike to the “Bench”, which was now covered in snow.
February 12th – Dani taking a rest at Vail
February 13th – Fantastic Day at Breck with 10 inches of fresh snow!
February 15th – Snow shoe hike to the “Bench”. Breckenridge Ski Resort in the background.
Moose sighting! Mama and her calf were relaxing in the snow.
February 15th – Molly and Mara, our new grandpup!
February 21st – Second attempt at Crystal Creek Lake Trail
I was wearing every piece of clothing I had packed. Wish I had my ski goggles, too.
This time we had our snow shoes, but the wind was howling and it was freezing in the open space. Aborted again.
Scott’s new famous meatballs. Yum!
February 23rd – Our first trip to Breck Summit via the Imperial SuperChair.
Of course we will “Yield to Moose”
February 25th – Lunch break in the back bowls of Vail
February 27th – Easy hike to Rainbow Lake
View of the town of Frisco and snow covered Dillon Reservoir
February 28th – A view of the ten peaks from Sapphire Point Trailhead.
Starting at the left, you can see Breck’s Peak 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 followed by Peak 5, 4, 3, Ten-Mile Peak, and Peak 1.

Another view of Ten Peaks from a different angle.

Looking at Dillon Reservoir from Sapphire Mountain. Buffalo Mountain can be seen at the far top left.

2 thoughts on “Breckenridge, CO: February, 2021

  • What a shame it has been such a poor snow year! Still, it certainly looks like you have made the most of it. Over a year now since I last had my skis on. Tell Scott I can’t wait to try those meatballs!

  • We are already talking about next ski season and which pass to buy! Strongly considering Icon as we’d like to ski Big Sky and get back to Jackson Hole. We hope you will be visiting again by that time. Scott would LOVE to make the meatballs for you and Peter.

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