Durango, CO: 3/20 – 5/26/21

Although we are still dealing with the reality of Covid19, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are now available and restrictions are beginning to be lifted. We had originally planned to be in Durango for ten days, and then head southwest for warmer weather. Unfortunately, my ankle break on March 17th, changed our plans.

After a very long nine-hour drive from Breckenridge to Durango, we arrived at Oasis RV Resort in Durango and settled into Site 13.

Not a very comfortable setup.
The only picture I was able to take was our view from the window!
Scott took a photo from a different vantage point

On our second day here, we met our grand pup, Mara, for the first time. She is a healer mix and a very friendly puppy. We are in love!

Loving her grandma!
Loving her grandpa!

My days were mostly spent perched on my butt in my reclining chair, taking daily pictures of my swollen, yellow leg.

Not looking very good and painful to the lightest touch

On March 24th, it snowed. We thought we had left that weather behind us. Scott had to go out to get his first Moderna Vaccine. I stayed home checking out the sights from my window.

Still getting some snow in late March

On March 26 (9 days post injury), we drove to Four Corners Foot & Ankle in Farmington, NM, to get a second opinion. Dr. Curtis said that even though surgery was an option, the break was just under 2.0 mm, so there was a chance that it could heal without surgery. I chose to take that chance.

Before the cast
Orange is a “happy” color!

Needless to say, I was back on my butt to rest while my husband was off on play dates with his grand pup.

Somebody loves her grandpa!

On April 4, Easter Sunday, Molly and Mara came over for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt. Our smart grand pup was able to not only find the hidden pink eggs, but also to open them up! We were so proud! On April 9, I was able to get my second Moderna Vaccine at a VA Facility in La Plata County. I proudly hobbled into their office with my crutches. One of the nurses there asked me if she could sign my cast. She was the one and only signage I received.

Three weeks later, the doctor took an X-ray which indicated that my bone wasn’t bridging. He was able to “squeeze me in” the next day. On April 14, 2021, I had distal fibula fracture surgery on my right foot. Now I have a plate with eight screws. Additionally, he placed a thick suture from the fibula to the talus to provide further stability once I began walking again.

Before surgery
This is just crazy

April 14: Post surgery – back at home – feeling no pain

We originally had booked this campsite for ten days, but we extended it due to my surgery. On April 19, we had to move to another site for the remainder of our stay. We were back next to the Pickle Ball court, which served as a reminder that I wasn’t going to be playing any time soon.

The next day, my surgeon removed the painful, bulky splint and the bandages. It’s probably not appropriate for me to share this photo (if you REALLY want to see it, text me). He sent me home with instructions to clean it daily, change the gauze, and wrap it with the Ace bandage. I was also instructed to use the Exogen Ultrasound Bone Healing System for 20 minutes daily. Studies have shown that it accelerates the time to a healed fracture. I was all in.

Daily Ultra Sound Treatments
I had the BEST nurse ever!

On May 4th (three weeks post-op), my doctor told me to discontinue using both my crutches AND the scooter we just bought a few days earlier. He wanted me to start walking unassisted, bearing weight only while wearing the boot shoe. What a waste of a good toy. Yet, I was thrilled to walk on two feet after two months of hopping around.

April 29th – My first outing with my new scooter at Animas City Park bike path.

Every day, I would take a short walk around our campground. My walks would be followed by icing my ankle. Each day I was able to take a few more steps. While I was walking, Scott was off on some solo hikes with Mara. Below are some highlights.

3/23/21: Hamlin Creek Trail – Durango, Co. – 5.89 miles, 1,700 elevation gain
J“Come on Grandpa! Are you afraid of a little snow?”
4/1/21: Haflin Creek Trail – 7.91 miles, 2,831 elevation gain
4/5/21: Vallecito Creek Trail – 3.34 miles, 577’ elevation gain

On May 9, 2021, Scott turned 58! It was nice to dine inside at a restaurant to celebrate!

May 8th – Dining at Primi Pasta & Wine Bar
He liked his homemade, chocolate-chip cookie with macadamia nuts cake!
He also liked his birthday gift – matching sweatshirts from Oasis RV Resort.

I had to cancel my originally planned May 12th flight to New Jersey because of my broken ankle. I was hoping that I could attend my great-nephew’s graduation from RIT on Saturday, May 15th, since I planned to be on the east coast. It turned out that nobody could attend but the graduates and staff. It was streamed virtually, so even though I couldn’t be there in person, I was able to capture this moment. He was beaming!

May 15th – My great-nephew’s graduation! So proud!

We were so excited to hear that our PA/NJ friends were traveling in Colorado in their new camper. It had been a long time since we had socialized. We met them at Mesa Verde National Park. Even though I was not able to hike far, I was able to handle a few short walks. We enjoyed driving around the park and getting out at the various stops for some photo ops.

On May 25, I had my six week post op appointment with my surgeon. It was time to lose the boot shoe, and I was downgraded to an ankle brace. I was given a script for Physical Therapy, and I decided to head back to New Jersey for treatment with my buddy, Jeff. He had previously treated me over the years for my shoulder and knee. He somehow makes grueling visits entertaining.

Our travel plans truly changed this year, but not because of Covid19. It was due to my skiing accident. Sitting around being unable to do anything is a wonderful opportunity to contemplate life. I realized that although there are pros and cons to living life on the road, I am especially lucky to have the gift of time and good health. I aspire to the continuation of good healing so that I can get back to enjoying nature with Scott.