Mount Katahdin, ME: 10/20 – 10/23/19

We arrived at Katahdin Shadows RV Park late Sunday in the rain.

On Monday morning, we drove a short distance to Baxter State Park.

I particularly enjoy hikes that require you to sign in.

Our goal today was Baxter Peak at 5,267’ via the Hunt Trail. Baxter Peak on Mount Katahdin is the north end of the AT trail that originates 2,155 miles south in Georgia.

There was also a plaque embedded in a rock dedicated to the people of Maine.

At 1.2 miles we enjoyed Katahdin Stream Falls.

We hiked 7.3 miles out and back, gaining 3,438’ in elevation. It was uphill most of the way. The views were spectacular.

The false peak in the next picture was steeper than it appears to be.

We took a break and had a snack. I was wondering how much more I had in me.

We climbed up many boulders, thankful for the rungs to aid in the climb.

I can tell you that in this picture all that I was thinking about was how I was going to get back down this boulder!

We made it to the plateau and took another rest. You can see the true summit in the background.

The remaining distance was about a mile and and a half and 400 vertical feet to the summit. I was done. Can you see it in on my face?? I was concerned about how I was going to get back down the large boulders. Scott was concerned that if we continued to the summit, we would be hiking back down in the dark, and he knows that I do not like those conditions. So, we retreated. I didn’t make the summit, but I was able to manage the hike back down better than I thought I would. It truly was beautiful.

On Wednesday morning, we took off for Acadia National Park. Once again, it was pouring rain. We have seen more rain on the East Coast in the short six weeks that we have been back than we have seen in total during the past 15 months. Crazy.

Aziscohos Lake, Maine: 10/18 – 10/20/19

It was pouring rain when we left Vermont. We travelled on 2E to 16N through the northern part of New Hampshire until we crossed over the border into rural Maine.

We had a reservation at Black Brook Cove RV Park, located on Aziscohos Lake off Route 16 between Oquossoc and Wilsons Mills Maine. We were about 30 miles from the Canadian border.

When we arrived, nobody was around. They had left us a map showing our site #22, electric and water hookup only.

Just below our site was the You could tell that the water level must have been higher at some point. The wooden stairs leading down to the water were deteriorating.

We took a walk on a trail through the campground. We came upon a boat ramp and several old, metal canoes, which you cannot see in this picture. It was hard to tell if this place was run down or if it just looked this way because it was out of season. I think some repairs were in order.

Another few hundred yards along the trail, we came upon a deserted cabin. It saddened me to see what had become of what may have been a thriving summer cabin. Did someone live here or was it a rental? I was obsessed with taking pictures of what I saw while imagining what once was.

The next morning, we took a short drive looking for a trailhead, not sure that we had found it. Since there was no cellular service, we couldn’t track it. We returned to the trailer, and just hung out reading books. Tomorrow, we are heading to Baxter State Park to hike Mount Katahdin.