Lincoln and Plymouth, NH: 11/1 – 11/3/19

The Speeder Weekend begins! Scott keeps telling me that not many people know what a “speeder” is. If you continue to read this post, you will learn exactly what it is.

We drove north from Gloucester, MA, and crossed over the border into New Hampshire. Such a welcoming sign.

We met my sister, Terry, and her husband, Gary, in Concord, NH. We enjoyed a nice dinner with fellow speeder friends.

The next morning, we needed to be by the tracks for the start of our overnight speeder trip from Concord to Lincoln. Gary is the conductor of his second speeder, which he traveled from New Jersey to Oregon to purchase.

Definition of “Speeder” from Wikipedia:

“A Railroad Speeder is a maintenance of way motorized vehicle formerly used on railroads around the world by track inspectors and work crews to move quickly to and from work sites. In the 1990s, many speeders were replaced with trucks (usually pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles) using flanged wheels that could be lowered for on-rail (called road-rail vehicles or hi-rails for highway-railroad). Speeders are collected by hobbyists, who refurbish them for excursions organized by the North American Railcar Operators Association[3] in the U.S. and Canada.”

Hence, meet my brother-in-law, a Speeder hobbyist! My first trip with Gary was last December at a Toys-For-Tots fund-raiser held in Pennsylvania. We travelled in his first speeder, which won third place for best decorated car!

He sold this two-seater to purchase a larger four-seater to accommodate his grandchildren. He placed third again this year…with the new car.

Back to this trip. We had to meet early Saturday morning for the mandatory Safety Meeting.

We rode from Concord to Lincoln in approximately six hours covering roughly 38 miles. We were treated to a festive Thanksgiving dinner, which was catered by Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant. Delicious!! In the morning, we once again boarded our rail car to travel back 38 miles to Concord. We were lucky enough to have sunny, warm beautiful weather for our two-day excursion (along with leftover turkey sandwiches and then some). I hope that you enjoy some of the photos I took along the way.

Flag to alert a slow down.
Meredith 11:55 a.m. Saturday
Plymouth Station
Lunch Break
North Woodstock 8:00 a.m. Sunday

Below is a glimpse of our ride through Laconia-Long Bay. At about ten seconds in, notice the mansions to the right. And, I hope you enjoyed our ride.

Where was Scott during my speeder adventure? After dropping me off in Concord, he traveled a short distance and parked the trailer on Gale River Road, White Mountain National Forest, until November 8th. There are no year-round RV parks in New Hampshire, but there is always boon docking. He went on a few hikes but had to leave a week earlier than he had planned due to changing weather with freezing temperatures.

Time to leave before the pipes break.